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 for 2 decades.  See why we are different.

Who we are? Who we are?

MISBARcom is an information technology company specializing in web solutions, applications development and networks. Its headquarter located in Baghdad Iraq, and our development offices in London UK and Texas USA.

MISBARcom founded  in 1997 by a talented Iraqi programmers and information technology professionals. Since then, It has built enterprise software and multiplatform applications that helped our clients better engage their customers and scale their business.

MISBARcom the only company in Iraq and among handful companies in the Middle East to own a hosting platform in London UK. The platform connected to tier one service providers and successfully host thousands of web applications and domains for diverse type of companies, leading and high profile organizations and individual in Iraq and abroad.

MISBARcom supports and supplies appliances, devices and accessories for networks and internet service, furthermore it carry out installation, deployment and monitoring for our customer projects.

Why we are? Why we are?

MISBARcom pride of always achieving high levels of client satisfaction by ensuring quality, affordable and timely solutions. this ongoing achievements and success driven by the fact that the company has its own web builder CMS, hosting platform and professional team of dedicated professionals.

MISBARcom always deliver reliable and fast tech support to clients and will always ready to respond to emails.

MISBARcom does not hold you hostage with hosting, you have full access to your website with no montly charge, it’s one time fee.

Working with MISBARcom means you getting time saving, affordable price, unrivaled support  and modern design.


As a software development and digital agency company, our vision is to increase the internet presence of our clients’ businesses while using a wide range of software tools and strategies. At MISBARcom, we measure our success based on our clients’ success.

We use business-oriented, ethical and honest practices while working with clients, thereby earning the trust and respect of our customers. We also stay up to date on all the latest technology and ensure your website is far ahead of your competition.

Our vision is to continue offering quality products and services and increase our client base globally while focusing on achieving the best results through innovation, speed and most importantly, quality.


Our main mission is to provide unmatched, innovative and pioneering solutions and optimal digital presence for our clients.

We pride ourselves on increasing customer profits through integrity, transparency, and expertise.

We are committed to providing search engine optimization services, as well as a multitude of website development and marketing strategies additional to Telecommunication to our partners and clients.

At MISBARcom we are focused on results. While offering you top-notch Internet services, we strive to guarantee your satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow.

What you need to know about MISBARcom MISBARcom MISBARcom

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