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The convergence of voice, video and data over Internet Protocol (IP) – provides new ways for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Converged networks are being implemented at an aggressive pace for businesses of all sizes across a number of industry sectors. Organizations across the board are recognizing the emerging applications, cost savings and productivity enhancements enabled by a single networking infrastructure.

MISBARcom deploys, manages and optimizes technology to help clients gain more from their investments in communications infrastructure.

MISBARcom can design, deploy and upgrade networks of any bandwidth that meets your needs today, tomorrow and in the future. Good network design must recognize the requirements for business and technical goals, including availability, resilience, scalability, affordability, security, and manageability. Whether you are looking to build a LAN/WAN, re-design your current LAN/WAN, or are considering ways to optimize your current LAN/WAN infrastructure, MISBARcom can help.

MISBARcom enables businesses to be successful by designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN) that maximize the potential of voice and data technologies to facilitate the exchange of information. From wiring to LAN switching, through internet connectivity to the most complex protocol configurations and large-scale enterprise networks.

MISBARcom has the experience necessary to design the voice and data network solution your business requires. Our engineers can help integrate and support security-rich data, voice, and video networks, enable intelligent network infrastructures, and leverage new technologies like virtual private networking (VPN), optical, voice- and video over- IP, content delivery networks, and mobile and wireless.

MISBARcom has a strong track history in providing data networks for service providers. We have specialized expertise in switching and routing, local loop, security, convergence and mobile communications. We provide fully integrated data solutions, designed and implemented with technical excellence, and informed by a deep understanding of the pressing commercial pressures our customers face.

Networks Solutions Networks Solutions

Network Solutions and Services

Structured cabling Installation of cable network system of high performance, regardless of technological changes of active network devices and applications.

Enterprise Network design Network Design Services provide a structured approach for your networking needs. From security, Scalability, availability, scalability, Simplicity, Resilient, performance and size with cost effectiveness form Cisco and makes informed recommendations for the correct solution to your IT network and requirements.

Network Implementation Network Implementation Services support all components of a network (Passive & active) deployment as a turnkey solution.

Network Test & Troubleshooting Field test services with our professional and certified engineers and technicians using up to date test and installation tools for copper & Fiber from Fluke, EXFO and JDSU.

Network design for Industrial As the trend for the network solution for industrial application, MISBARcom has taken the challenge to be part of this business with a complete network industrial solution from well-known supplier.

Internet Services

VSAT Services Provide the Internet services through VSAT with dedicated or shared, reliable, cost effective and private communications links for the individual and corporate users, with the provision of total system capabilities to support high bandwidth secure data, voice and video communication.

HIGH SLA VSAT Service MISBARcom provides a high level of SLA by 99.7% with stability providing internet services, flexibility by developing various services and solutions with customized to suit business needs and operations and quick problem-solving by a team of experts that are available 24 hours a day.

Internet Service Over Fiber MISBARcom has provided internet over fiber which are designed to be long-term solutions with scalability features that allow speeds to be modified as your business grows and your needs change.

MPLS Service MISBARcom as new trend of service, provides MPLS service with secure connection to serve different customers especially in the Oil & Gas field. WISP –we proud that; MISBARcom has provided Internet services to end user through our WISP network covering Baghdad city with more than 2000 subscribers and sharing around 250M bandwidth to support WISP Network.

Internet Application Different applications can be provided to our customer through internet service including DID numbers, VOIP and network connectivity.

Audio and Video Solution

Conference System MISBARcom has a complete solution for audio digital congress system to providing professional conference system, including wireless and wired discussion conference systems, Digital Infra-red simultaneous interpretation systems, wired/wireless voting systems, digital video & audio recording systems, professional audio visual and lighting equipment etc.

Video Conference/Telepresence Solutions MISBARcom provides integrating telepresence technology into a video conferencing system allows everyone taking part in a conference to feel like they are actually "present" in the same room with the other participants.

Video walls and Signage Providing complete portfolio of high-quality LCD video walls (Clarity Matrix) and Signage encompass a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies. Supported services are provided including mounting systems and mounted kits.

HDMI Over IP Solution As the new trend MISBARcom is Providing an Excellent Solution for HDMI USB KVM & Residential/Commercial over Ethernet Network with Unicast, Broadcast & Multicast HDMI solution to transfer the HDMI signal over Ethernet to long distance.

IP TV Solution Deliver on-demand entertainment programs, SAT channels and training materials to crew accommodation and common areas using the existing Network.

Microwave and Wireless Solution

Connectivity Solution MISBARcom provides PTP & PMP solution from well-known brand from SAF & Cambium networks covering all services including PDH and SDH.

Last Mile Solution Provides the combination solution of high capacity fiber and cost-effective line-of-sight microwave to serve the demand of the end user.

SMB Wireless Solution Provides complete solution for SMB services in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz; all our solutions are from Tenda, cambium networks and IP-COM and this solution serves hotels, dormitories, hospitals etc. with up to 300users.

Enterprise Solution The solution will serve customers up to 500, High density of WIFI users in conference rooms, public office area, strict security polices for guests & staffs and No disconnection when moving around in the office area.

Retail & Chain Solution Refers to premises which include restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, super markets, hotels and etc. With the increasing competition, Retail & Chain Store are eager to find out an effective way of attracting new customers and maintain old customers.

CCTV and Security Solution

Analogue and IP Solution MISBARcom is offering both analogue and IP Camera depending on customer demand; along with DVR, NVR and infrastructure required to utilize those cameras.

Industrial solution MISBARcom is offering a wide range of products can be found monitoring the activity around car dealerships, warehousing facilities, office buildings, industrial plants, financial institutions and retail establishments around the world. Our solution can handle up to 800 camera simultaneously.

IP Surveillance Solution Offering Video Surveillance designs provide access to video at any time from any network location, allowing remote monitoring, investigation, and incident response by remote physical security staff or law enforcement personnel.

Car Solution The Car monitoring system Reason provides is a system consists of Mobile DVR, Vehicle Cameras, Central Monitoring Software, and other Mobile Accessories to ensure ultimate surveillance effects to regular officer’s behaviors, provide evidence in crime scene, reduce response time, provide supports and protect the officer’s safety when law-breaking violence occurs.

Wide Range of Products To satisfy our customer; MISBARcom is offering through our business partner a wide range of Cameras like; waterproof, industrial, outdoor, dome, analogue and IP cameras.

General Services and Maintenance

Data Center Installation and Maintenance MISBARcom now has the experiences for installation & maintenance (preventive and corrective) for the fixed and mobile data center. Now we are taking care for more than 60 data centers from AST-Schneider which are installed at Rumila Operation Organization (ROO) that has facilities in Rumila oil field with big investment of BP.

Site Survey Services Part of our services is to provide a site survey with international standards for the customer before project implementation. This survey, according to the general check list, is covering all site environments including the main obstacles against the scope of work.

Mobilization Services That will provide site preparation and implementation plan without affecting on the ongoing work.

Training services To provide per project training on the supplied equipment’s or on demand upon customer requirements.

Tools MISBARcom has sets of tools for both installation and testing from well-known manufacture Fluke, Fujikura, Exfo & JDSU. All these tools are under our engineers’ usage through infrastructure installation and testing.

Distribution and Showroom

MISBARcom has its own showroom in Baghdad city in the Telecom & IT district area, our showroom around 200 square meters with new decorations and space for each product within our Business portfolio. MISBARcom has a wide range of Telecom and IT products include:

• Network passive components for both cooper and Fiber, racks, trunks.
• Wireless routers for SMB and Office solution.
• Managed and Unmanaged switches.
• POE switches.
• Analogue and IP Camera.
• Video Walls.
• Network Accessories.
• Tools.
• PABX and IP telephone System.